Why are we here?

When most of us think of Long Beach, California, we picture great weather, nice beaches, and a community of diverse and creative people. 

Under this veneer hides a very serious and somewhat sensitive issue. There are a lot of broken people in Long Beach, who have been through tremendous hurt in their lives.

Broken homes, fatherlessness, homelessness, those who have tried to live for the Lord and been burnt by the church, atheists, godlessness, and even great prosperity has led to a lot of people wondering if this is all there is to life.

When desperation comes, so does vice. A lot of people in Long Beach are searching for meaning, something to get them through the next day, and they’ll find that meaning in all kinds of ways – sometimes legal, sometimes not.

At Refuge Long Beach, we have found true and real meaning in living for Jesus. We are a church made up of broken people, those who have come to the end of our rope.

We’ve gone through the same issues that are affecting so many, and through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, been transformed. What happens when you have regular people living for Jesus?

Simple. We want to share the love of Jesus with others, and let them know there are answers to their brokenness.

There is a way out, and there is purpose.

This is why Refuge Long Beach exists: to introduce hurting people in Long Beach to Jesus, and to help those who already know Jesus, walk closer with Him. Walking with Jesus is an adventure like no other.

Refuge Long Beach wants to be there to help by being an anchor in the community; A light where there are real people who will listen, who will encourage, and who will not give up on those who are hurting.

Refuge Long Beach seeks to build a community of those whose purpose is to love Jesus, and love others, and we are encouraged to do this through studying God’s Word, meeting together regularly to build each other up, and praying for one another. This is ‘church’ in its truest sense.

How will we get there?

We are a committed group of believers who meet every Sunday, serving breakfast to the community and then taking time to study God’s Word. We don’t sit in pews. We sit at round tables, where we discuss what we’ve learned, and how it affects our lives.

We look after each other, meeting during the week in different homes where meaningful fellowship takes place. We go out on the streets of Long Beach, sharing the Gospel and letting people know they are loved.

We understand that we – Refuge Long Beach – can’t fix anyone – we personally can’t take away a person’s brokenness – but, we are committed to introducing everyone we can to the Person – Jesus Christ – who can fill that brokenness, and those broken people who have come to Christ can, in turn, help other broken people – disciples making disciples.

This is our mission.


Mission Statement

Refuge Long Beach exists to introduce people, from the broken to the prosperous, to Jesus. We are here to be a Christ-centered anchor and light in the Long Beach community.
Our mission is to:
  • Give a true and meaningful Biblical foundation through the steady and solid teaching of God’s Word
  • Build strong community that will spread, with Jesus at the center, through dedicated fellowship on Sundays and throughout the week
  • Spread the Gospel message that saves, giving hope through outreach and evangelism
  • Be dedicated to prayer and God’s leading
  • Be disciples who seek to make disciples who live for Christ in the city of Long Beach


Refuge Long Beach is a New Breed church plant in partnership with Refuge Huntington Beach. See our Statement of Faith here.