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Refuge Long Beach Persons of Interest

Kris Langham
Peyton Jones

Core Team (partial)

Recovery Ministries Pastor:
Mike Bonomo

Children’s Ministries:
Julie Gibbs
Andrea Langham

Greeting and Written Media:
Joseph S.

Cooking Ministry:
Steve Ortiz
Andrea Langham
Gayle Kirkhuff

Break Down and Setup team – Everyone helps, nobody sits, it is team effort but this is who stands out
Alex B.
DiJay B.
Mean (So Mean)

Media Ministry:
Joe Uht
Dijay B.Eric Kirkhuff
Stephen Fely

Music Ministry:
Tom and Alma Fely
Stephen Fely
Vann Fely
Sara Ortiz
Jane B

Food Distibution Closet:

  • Many others soon to be listed so do not feel left out if we did not include you.


We have a team of people who are committed to planting churches in the future. They are training to go to the next frontier where people are without hope and without God in the world.

Peyton is a New Breed of Church Planter. What is a Church Planter? A ¬†Church Planter is someone who is a front-line, Acts-driven pPastor who looks for a geographic need, in places where most pastors don’t want to go. Church Planters assemble and disciple teams, raise up pastors and mission-driven people, and then they move on. Peyton is a humble servant who leads and wants others to know that IT IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE and it is not “The Peyton Jones Show”.