We don’t ask you to give if Refuge Long Beach isn’t your home church, but if you’re a part of our church family or if you’ve been blessed by what we’re doing in this city, then please help us to continue to meet the needs of the people of Long Beach. We need your support.

Thank you for your support and God bless! >> Give Online – Support Refuge Long Beach  –

If online giving is not your thing, you can always send support checks the Old Fashioned way.

Please Make your tithes and donations payable to:

Refuge Long Beach
P.O. Box 1513
Westminster, CA 92684
Questions? – 714 273-8139


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  • Online giving here on this page
  • Text Giving Learn here
  • Email Giving Learn here
  • Old School Giving by Mail monthly

Where does your giving go?

Your giving helps directly support our food and helps ministries. Very little goes to our support staff and most a committed     volunteers. We are lean but we are mighty, in the trenches, do loving on and caring for people in the community. The last week of each month and during the Summer months, and extended times, we have a Bixby Park, feed and love on the people of Long Beach Barbecue.

Note: New giving now, you can give here and then giving from any phone or device by texting –

Once you have given online for the first time, we will remember you and you can text your donations any time.

How to give via Text On your phone or device Android or Apple –

  1.  Open a new Text and type this number into the to box – 59769
  2. In the next text box type in the code “gen” a space and the amount you with to give
    Example – gen 10 (which means your giving $10 to the general fund.
  3. The system will help you with the rest.

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